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UI vs UX – Customer Experience


UI vs UX - DEFINITIONS Where does the humble interface match inside the trendy industry terminology? We believe this is the wrong strategy. What we see is just as important as data architecture and business objectives. Customer experience is a high level category with UX being part of it, whilst UI being a part of [...]

UI vs UX – Customer Experience2021-06-01T09:59:10+00:00

What makes UI design good?


WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN GOOD UI DESIGN?  Great UI design is a sum of many parts. It is the interplay of colors, typography, interactions, layout, and style that requires a lot of work, experience, and imagination. If you're starting as a junior designer, try to use the tested good practices first. Innovation and your [...]

What makes UI design good?2021-06-01T09:58:58+00:00
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