Google’s Quality Document states that they like sites with an “appropriate amount of contact information”. Confirm your contact us page is thorough and complete which it matches your whois info, which may be a method of checking information about ownership of a domain name.

Domain contact information

contact us pacelab - seo agency london

contact us pacelab – seo agency london

The contact us page information for your Square space Domain (also referred to as your Whois information) is what you enter and review once you register or transfer it. This guide shows the way to enter your domain contact information and edit it any time.

While it’s generally a decent idea to possess a contact us page, privacy policy, and all that other great things on your site, it is not necessary to have in order for your site to be ranked. We definitely highly suggest having a contact page, but obviously there are certain times when one isn’t needed.

Publicly available contact information encourages transparency. It shows that you simply don’t have anything to cover. Makes you more trustworthy within the eyes of interested people. And it opens the trail for communications.

If your blog/website has issues in the opening.

You should have a privacy policy and a “contact us” page.

  • It’s unclear if Google specifically boosts sites with these kinds of pages, but I find it plausible that they are doing.
  • Users trust a site more if these pages exist, especially the contact us page.
  • Even if Google doesn’t specifically have an algorithmic factor for these pages, they certainly pay attention to how happy users are with a site.
  • A privacy policy is required (by Google) if you’re running AdSense on your site.

You should not index these pages.

  • They won’t cause duplicate content issues. Numerous sites have these pages that Google knows the way to affect this duplicated content without penalizing any sites.
  • Users sometimes look for “contact us page “, it is sensible for users to be able to find the right page for this.

What Is WHOIS?

When you register a website name, your registrar requires you to supply contact us page information that has a minimum of one valid email address.

This is often published during a public database called WHOIS (pronounced “who is”).

Also, ranking a key phrase of ‘Your company name+Privacy+Policy’ would increase the pages you’re indexing, which increases your rank – Google also pointed out this Katamari effect of ranking more and more pages acquire more and more keywords and guess what – that ranking across all those keywords will increase.

Keep your CONTACT US PAGE information up to this point-

It’s important to stay your domain contact us page information up to date — especially the e-mail address — because:

  • They send important notifications for your domain to the present email address.
  • They use the e-mail address to verify domain ownership.
  • Other domain providers may request this information if you transfer the domain to their website.

Contact Us Page

Websites that have sufficient contact us page information are considered to be the most trustworthy.

and they rank well in Google rankings too because they attain the domain trust factor from google.

Bonus points: add a well-designed contact form to your contact us page.

This will assist you to generate new business opportunities, capture new leads, and improve customer service.

Conclusion-Google’s Quality Document states that they like sites with an “appropriate amount of contacting us page information”.

Make sure your contact information is thorough and complete and that it matches your whois info, which could be a method of checking information about ownership of a website name.

Websites that have sufficient contact information are considered to be more trustworthy and thus may rank higher in search engines.