Content length- A Google Ranking Factor

Content length

Content length

Content (Content length) with more words will cover a wider breadth and are likely preferred in the algorithm compared to shorter, superficial articles.

Is more content better for SEO?

As you already know, the more links a web page has, the higher it’ll usually rank on search engines. 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes. When you take into consideration that search engines take social signals into account when ranking sites, it reinforces why web pages with a lengthier content(content length) rank higher

‘Creating a high-quality long type content’ so as to collect organic traffic, earn higher rankings and boosts conversion.

  • In fact, long-form content has proven to be a lot of participating, more shareable,       and better for SEO.
  • There is an excellent deal of factors that get in defining quality long-form content.

Longer Content Earns Additional Back links

  • Research shows that long-form content has a larger probability of earning quality backlinks that contribute significantly to improving search rankings.
  • For one, smart long-form content tends to be more helpful and comprehensive than short content and the more useful and comprehensive it is the more value it provides.
  • Google understands that users don’t wish to search for bits and pieces of    knowledge  gleaning tidbits of information from varied pages.
  • They want everything they need in one place.
  • Long-form content, which tends to be more comprehensive on a given topic, has higher probability of providing the answers that users square measure finding out, while not forcing them to perform a mini-research project every time a piece of  short content falls.
  • Similarly, longer content is more impressive and tends to stand out.


Longer Content Gets More Social Shares

He found that his longer posts received an average of 68.1% a lot of engagement on Twitter and twenty two.6% more on Facebook.

The correlation between social shares and content length is incredibly just like that between content length and backlinks.

 Some of the SEO benefits of long-form content.

  • Evergreen Content: This is often one of the most effective benefits of longer content. Most long-form articles are Evergreen content that provides long SEO worth once it’s printed. Thus, by making long-form content you’ll attract a lot of organic traffic over time and this, in turn, helps improve your ranking within the search result.
  • Earn High-Quality Backlinks: Most bloggers are quite willing to provide backlinks for a well-researched, statistically enriched and comprehensive blog posts/guides as they’re an excellent resource for their audience. Hence, when you write long-form articles, you are able to improve your possibilities of earning high-quality backlinks.
  • Improve Audience Engagement: Longer content also helps improve user engagement compared to short-form content and therefore the reason for this is often easy. Since most long-form content offers extensive data about a particular query it helps keep your audience engaged and in turn, this assists you in boosting your dwell time and rankings in SERPs.
  • Increase Social Shares: The most noticeable SEO benefit of writing longer content is higher social shares. Long-form blog posts provide readers with a bigger worth and if they like a piece of content and find it helpful & informative, then there are higher possibilities of them sharing it with their friends and colleagues, resulting in a lot of social shares. More importantly, increase social shares can also help create your content go viral.
  • Reduce Bounce Rate: An easy fact, low-quality content results in the next bounce rate. Therefore, by writing longer content, you’d be able to improve audience engagement resulting in a rise in dwell time. And this may facilitate reduce bounce rate giving a lift to your SEO campaign.


Therefore: Having longer content—and emphasizing the utility, comprehensiveness and value of that content within the page’s title tags and description tags—will cause higher CTR, higher positioning in search rankings, and additional eyes on your content.

And additional eyes on your great long-form content suggests that additional shares, backlinks and instances of high dwell time.

PaceLab as one of the most Best SEO agency in London, we agree wholeheartedly with the fact that a comprehensive piece of content provides greater SEO price within the long run and that yes, ‘Content-Length will matter once it involves SEO.’ But, whereas we can write pages expounding the importance of writing long-form content,