Your chosen best wordpress hosting provider is a big part of how fast your site’s going to load. It acts as the foundation of your website. If it’s built on shoddy foundations, i.e. your wordpress hosting platform may uses poor servers, then your site will load slowly, if at all!

In the last few decades, the obvious trend was supposed to go with the big players in the market including Bluehost or GoDaddy. Nonetheless, these big companies have a rather hard time to provide alternatives for many different needs and markets out there.

Hence, it is not surprising that today so called boutique web hosts have defeated the marketplace. Boutique web hosts are all focused on offering an internet host option tailored to the demands and requirements of a specific niche, offering you both the host and the platform to set up your site. Using one of these providers (depending upon your business ) is a great choice which you should look in these days: They are novel, provide state-of-the-art technology and typically include great customer support.

Getting started with WordPress web hosting g doesn’t have to be expensive, because after all, WordPress itself is free (and open source). Even the cheapest shared hosting plan usually comes with a one-click WordPress installer, allowing the greenest of blogging newbies to have their first post ready in less than 60 seconds (we timed this, in fact).

Going forward, however, managing a blog over time is much more challenging. You’ll need to find your own themes and plugins, not to mention also keeping them, plus WordPress itself, up-to-date (although you can even get that done automatically). Blogs are often targeted by malware, so it’s important you have some way to detect and remove any threats, and you’ll want regular backups to help get a broken blog working again.

There are lots of WordPress hosting providers out there to choose from. But we have reviewed the most popular web hosting platforms should help you weed out the rest and focus on the best.

Best WordPress Hosting Provider 2021

We have broken down each by conducting five tests as seen in the image above (in addition to the monthly price). You can get more thorough than that!

Now, to make your life easier here are my final recommendations for the best WordPress hosting

From the tests we ran, WPX Hosting emerged as the fastest and best overall. It is followed by Kinsta and Pantheon to round out the top 3 hosting providers.

Below are some of the more interesting conclusions from his case study:

  • The most expensive hosting provider isn’t always the best (VERY IMPORTANT).
  • Be mindful of the features each hosting provider For instance, some provide free migration from a different host to theirs. For others, you’ll have to fork over money for them to get it done for you, i.e. GoDaddy requires $99.99 per site, Siteground $30 per site, et. al.
  • Customer support is just as important as speed! How its team responds to queries about your hosting situation will determine how much you can get out of your web

Read the post and look up the results if you’re seriously considering making your site load faster.

We hope that this guide helped you choose the best WordPress hosting services for your website. If you have a WordPress hosting question that we didn’t cover in our tutorial, then please send us a message using our contact form. One of our team members will respond back within 24 hours.