Ask anyone who markets their business online what their ultimate goal is and the majority will say they want to achieve those hot top positions in the Search Engine Results Pages SERPs .The reason? Because enhanced search engine visibility equates to more leads, and any search engine consultants will tell you that more leads can mean more sales.

Content is the lifeblood of search engine optimization. It affects every aspect of SERPs ranking strategies. But what constitutes the ‘right’ content, and exactly what benefits does have the right content deliver?

What is the RIGHT content?

The right content is material that matches user intent. It’s also content with substance that answers the very questions your potential customers want answers to, clearly and informatively. In other words, quality content.

A great content strategy is closer to a Q&A: You research which questions your customers are asking and then answer them in detail, thus building trust and bringing customers closer to your brand.

In this framework, every piece of content you create is an opportunity to bring a new lead closer to a sale or to inspire an existing customer to take action. Content synergy is the most important element here; there’s no point in creating 100 blog posts if you’re just going to send all your readers to your homepage.

What is search Intent?

Search intent is the why behind a search query. In other words, why did the person make this search? Do they want to learn something? Are they looking to make a purchase? Or, are they looking for a particular website?

To help demonstrate this concept in more detail, I sifted through my search history and plucked a few of my recent searches.

Your job is to tell me what my “intent” was when performing each search.

Ahrefs reported a huge jump in ranking position from #40 to #6 in just four days simply by matching search intent along for their keyword, ‘on page SEO’. The long and the short of it is, as Ahrefs says, ‘if your content doesn’t align with searcher intent, then you should fix that before doing anything else. Otherwise you’ll be fighting a losing battle.’

So, once you’re familiar with the type, format and hook of the content that’s ranking for your target search terms, you can make sure yours matches in those respects.

Quality content

Quality content builds site authority and encourages demand for more.

This is where you need to get one step ahead by understanding your audience and what they want to know, and providing solutions in the right content format (see above).

Remember though, questions don’t just arise before a transaction. People may also need technical support, aftersales care, help and advice on using a product. Attending to these queries strengthens brand loyalty.

Keyword research in its traditional form is pretty much redundant these days. Suggested queries like Google’s ‘People also ask’ deliver valuable intel on what people are actually looking for and the questions they want answered. 

Topic research really is the new keyword research. Remember intent. Always. Also remember that the most naturally written, high quality content will always win through.

What does the right content DO?

Without the right content, you’ll never realize the full benefits of SEO. Relevant, useful content compels visitors to stay for longer, and dwell time in itself is an important ranking factor that can have a positive effect on search rankings.{SERPs}

Search engine consultants will tell you that the right content will also:

Generate backlinks – one of the most important SEO strategies that indicate credibility and trust. The more quality links you have, the better you’ll rank in the SERPs. Great content that’s relevant to the reader is more likely to be shared and bookmarked. It’s as simple as that.

Prompt a high click through rate – the more people click your links, the better your chances of top rankings in the search engines. And of course, the more traffic you get to your website. The better your content, the more likely it will be clicked.

Boosts your brand – branding is important for SEO, and vice versa. Great content presents you as a knowledgeable authority, a trusted source. It enhances brand credibility, which in turn can net you more backlinks. Branding can also enhance click through rates.

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Ranking higher in the SERPs gets you more online visibility so you’re more likely to attract a greater number of clicks, which gives you a better chance of increasing sales. The right content really does make all the difference.

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