Keyword as First word in Domain

keyword as first word in domain

Your domain name is very important for ranking your website and for developing a memorable brand. By inserting the keyword as first word in domain, you may see some Search Engine Optimization benefits, rather than having the keyword placed between words or the last word in the URL.

  1. Your name is incredibly necessary for ranking your web site and for developing an unforgettable brand.
  2. A branded domain is a name without the keywords in it (example,
  3. By inserting the keyword as first in the domain, you’ll see some SEO advantages, rather than having the keyword placed between words or at the last word among the URL.
  4. When establishing a brand new web site, the name is extremely vital, This is not only due to branding or promoting use, however, there’s also a search engine optimization methodology to stay in mind.
  5. It’s been proven that domains containing a target keyword phrase will actually help improve click-thru ratios as well as the next ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

 Using a Target Keywords as the first word in Domain: develop a concept

a. One of the primary steps in any digital promoting strategy and search engine optimization plan is to see what message you are making an attempt to relay to your potential web site visitors.

b.Typically, it’s best to start out with a concept that may facilitate promote (or optimize) your web site for the item or service you would wish to sell the most of.

c.As an example, if you’re SEO Agency in London, you’ll wish to market and optimize your SEO services in this target market. Locating the most effective keywords to focus on can facilitate this strategy.

Why using a keyword in a domain works:

If you place your keyword as first word in a domain, this can facilitate show the consistency of keyword connection throughout the entire domain.

Be cautious of using precise match domains for your keywords, as this could seem too over-optimized and may really work against you.

Extra tip: On a psychological level also -it’s been found that searchers will simply realize the domain within the search results when it contains the keyword phrase or a connected keyword.

The Best URL Structure for SEO-Friendliness

With all said and done, we can deter from the clues that Google has given us for ranking factors that the best SEO ranking strategy for your main domain should be as follows:

“KEYWORD+ BRAND” (keyword as  first word in  domain, followed by a shorter phrase for branding functions.)

The name is important and it’s important to match the name with the niche on that your web site is based.

it’s very important to have your keyword placed within the page, moreover as your name.

Therefore if you want that advantage in being ranked as number one you must explore for specific keyword name-based name.

And that too with the primary name as a keyword you will have a better chance of being ranked at the highest of the search engine.

Keywords appearing as the middle of the last name within the name never bring that profit that you can come through by giving the keyword as first word in domain.

Do domain names matter for SEO?
Spammers purchase domain names that contained their targeted keywords because they get results: increased click-through rates and higher rankings on search engines. So, yes, keyword as first word in a domain has an impact on SEO. Having the right domain name can help you target your audience and accelerate your search engine placement.

SEO Advantage of Keyword Domains
“From an SEO perspective, a keyword as first word in  domain has a very little direct impact today, but it does play a tremendous role in the anchor text of the links a website earns. In that regard, it can provide an SEO advantage.

Another, and perhaps more important factor, however, is its role in branding. A unique and memorable domain is good, but a unique and memorable domain that also tells people what the website is about is infinitely better.”

Conclusion-keywords in your domain.

A website having its main keyword as first word in domain gets higher Google ranking, instead of having the main keyword in the middle or end of the name.

For example here the keyword “whois” is that the target keyword that comes as the initial word within the name. Therefore when we browse for “whois”, it’ll automatically boost the Google ranking of “” website.