Number of Linking Root Domains for SEO Ranking

 Number of Linking Root Domains are considered as a significant positioning component in Google Algorithm. Linking root areas are the tally of number of different locales that connect to your website page.

At the point when a site connects to another or more than one time in Search Engine Optimization (SEO Ranking) , site an is supposed to be a connecting root area; the plural, connecting root areas is the absolute number of independent connections that interface once or more than once to a given site.

On the off chance that a space connects to a site more than once it is still considered only one connecting root area.

Linking Root Domains are the number of Individual Websites that are linking to you. For example, if you have 1000 links but they all come from different pages on the same website, that counts as only 1 Linking Root Domain.

The popularity of a site can be studied by looking at the linking root domains, but it is not as simple as looking at the number of sites that your content is linked to.

Content that is linked to two authority sites will rank far higher up the search engine results than content that it linked to a dozen or more mediocre blogs.

Even that is too simple however as links from individual pages are often more powerful than a link from the root domain itself. And consider too that linking root domains are only one of thousands of factors used by search engines when they generate SERPs.


Number of linking root domains (# of linking root domains) includes only the number of unique root domains linking.

Two links from the same website would only be counted as one linking root domain.

Engineers at SEOmoz have found that “# of linking root domains” is much more highly correlated to real rankings than “# of links”.

Generally the more “connected” your page is to the the greater the authority the search engines will consider your site to haveNot all links are equal though, and there are other factors involved…

Remember it’s not just the number of links, but the link equity of the links too. All things being equal, one site’s page with a reasonable number of links from low value blogs etc may be outranked by another site’s page that has just a couple of links from authoritative site but even then, this is massively oversimplifying things.

Page linking root domains are worth more than domain linking root domains, but this is normally off set by the quantity of domain links vs the one or two a page may get.


Linking Root Domains: The number of referring domains is one of the most important ranking factors in Google’s algorithm,