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"Reading Level: Google Ranking Factor".pacelab - seo agency london

“Reading Level: Google Ranking Factor”.pacelab – seo agency london

Reading level is the measure of how easy a bit of text is for reading and perceiving. The moment I found an excellent post that’s ranking high I check its readability level. Most of the high-ranking posts have great and improved readability levels.

High readability = high rankings

How does reading level affect SEO?

Readability may be a major consider online content and may greatly increase your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) levels.

 Reading Level is the practice of creating your writing understandable and straightforward to digest for your target market. Marketing to your audience is critically important.

What affects readability?

You want users to be ready to read your content and absorb it easily.  Reading Level is one of the more important aspects of Web design usability. Readable text affects how users process knowledge within the content. Poor readability scares readers far away from the content.

Why is Reading Level important in programming?

Why Code Readability is vital? Code readability is one among the foremost important qualities of fine code, just like the art of writing code; it is a subjective topic which varies between developers.

If code is simple to read, it’ll be easy to know which makes it easy to debug, maintain and extend.

An indirect impact of readability levels on SEO

How does one Measure Content Readability?

The scientific way of measuring Reading Level is predicated on factors such as:

  • Speed of perception
  • Perceptibility at a distance
  • Perceptibility insight
  • Visibility
  • Reflex blink technique
  • Rate of work (e.g., reading speed)
  • Eye movements
  • Fatigue in reading

Reading level and how it’s Impact on My SEO?

There are many reasons why you must make your content readable. Even if search engines don’t take the score of your content’s readability into their search ranking algorithm.

This is because many of the search engine’s ranking algorithms are predicated on human behavior on a page.

And by improving your content readability, you improve their behavior on-page, for instance, their page on time, exit rate, bounce rate, social signals will all improve which tells search engines that individuals like your content.


How many times have you ever exited a page after reading the primary few sentences because the text is simply too hard to read?

Nobody likes to read a difficult text.

People read stuff online to urge the data they require, and when they want it the fastest and easiest method possible. And it’s our job to make information available to them as easily as possible.

An article that has good content will make the readers stay longer on the page because they will don’t have any problem reading through the entire text. Consequently, it’ll improve the bounce rate and exit rate which can be good for your SEO.

Posts with high readability level, keep visitors for an extended duration. Because the content is definitely readable.

Once readers encounter a blog post that’s easily readable, they rarely bounce off the blog.

So, having high reading level decreases bounce rate and increases audience retention.

Reading level is very important for voice search how?

The number of individuals using voice search is growing, so Google — and other search engines — are focused on voice. They present their leads to a voice-like manner; they rank their leads to a voice-like manner.

People checking out information with voice search could end up paying attention to a relatively long piece of data. Imagine an extended paragraph consisting of meandering sentences and containing many difficult words, that’s read aloud. The voice result would become impossible to know. Google wouldn’t want to use an answer like that. Neither invoice nor in normal results.

Google prefers understandable content because voice search is getting bigger. Whether it’ll be huge or not, doesn’t matter for the importance of understandable, readable content.

Google simply dictates the search results and therefore the algorithm. We just need to accompany it. And during this case, it’s a decent thing.

Writing readable content is a blessing for the reader.

How Do I Improve My Content Reading level?

  1. Use Short and straightforward Words –

There’s no reason for you to use long and sophisticated words when there are short and easy words.

People that attend a piece of writing are seeking information, not English lessons.

The only reason for you to use difficult and sophisticated words is to point out off your vocabulary size and no-one likes a show-off.

  1. Use Short Sentences

Don’t be afraid to interrupt long sentences into several shorter sentences. Use contractions to shorten your sentences.

  1. Write conversationally

When you write during a conversational tone, you’ll naturally use shorter and simple words, beside shorter sentences.

  1. Font

First of all, you’ll get to pick a font that’s easy to read. Novelty fonts are okay for your header and sub header because they’re short and it makes them stand out from your body text

  1. Font Size

For the font size, make certain that the dimensions aren’t too big or not too small. Fonts that are too small are hard on the eyes, especially since reading on a screen is slightly more tiring than reading on paper.

Fonts that are too big will take up an excessive amount of space, requires the reader’s eye to move back and forth too often.

Generally, body text should have a font size of around 16 pixels depending on the font. 16 pixels is the default font display size of most browsers and there are reasons behind it.

  1. Use Proper Formatting and Hierarchy

Don’t be scared of hitting the enter button whenever you finish writing a sentence. As mentioned above, there’s no such thing as too much white space. So ensure you separate your sentences into paragraphs as often as you will.

Does readability rank?

Why does the readability of content matter? Measuring how clear a piece of text is for reading and understanding is an important a part of any website content. It’s now also one among the key signals which Google will use to rank a web site.

There’s a now a really powerful relationship between lucid content and SEO. Google is now ready and has found out an excellent tool for gauging the credibility of your content.


Whether content readability is a direct Google ranking factor or not remains to be seen, but one thing we will know of course is that content readability does influence your search rankings in a way or another.

So do check that that your blog has the optimum readability to prevent your readers from exiting and leaving your page before they even read your content.

Improving your content readability won’t only improve your reader’s reading experience but prove to be beneficial to your overall SEO also.