Search Engine Marketing 101: A Brief Overview

 Digital forms of advertising have seen some impressive levels of growth over the past few years, and for good reason. Digital marketing allows advertisers to target their customers while online specifically and can get as advanced as targeting specific searches and interests shared by others who may be interested in a brand’s products or services. Better yet, these forms of marketing provide advertisers with a vast amount of data that can be used to calculate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns accurately.

One of the most popular approaches to digital marketing used by today’s leading advertising firms is search engine marketing. You may be asking: Just what is search engine marketing, and how can it benefit my company? To answer this great question, let’s jump in and go over the basics of today’s leading search engine marketing practices.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a catch-all term for marketing techniques that look to target advertising to users of search engines. For example, take Google’s popular Adwords platform. With Adwords, advertisers can target searches made directly through Google, in addition to those made via the Google Display Network and other partnering websites.

Google Adwords Explained

With search engine marketing, advertisers will typically pay on a cost-per-click basis, where bidding against others interested in advertising for the same keywords determines the price that is paid every time a user interacts with an advertisement. In other words, every time a search is created, a live digital auction is run by Google Adwords and similar services. For key search words that gain enough volume and interested advertisers, ads are created instantaneously. As far as pricing is concerned, advertisers will only ever pay the equivalent big of the person below them, which helps to ensure that the price of these unique ads remain competitive as interest in popular keywords grows.

What Is The Google Display Network in Search Engine Marketing?

As mentioned above, the Google Display Network, which is made up of a number of websites that partner to run ads on their web pages for a percentage of the resulting revenue, plays a key role in search engine marketing. This can be an extremely powerful form of digital advertising, especially for small businesses. Say you own a restaurant. You can target your advertisements to local users on a Google Display Network partner website for restaurant reviews, which in turn can drive interested customers to your business.

In these situations, advertisement prices can be set on either a cost-per-click basis or a cost-per-thousand impressions basis, which is similar to cost-per-click but charges for 1,000 potential clicks all at once.

Overall, search engine marketing is a powerful tool for businesses large and small. For those looking to leverage search engine marketing, Google Adwords is a great choice, as it is by far the most popular platform for such advertisements. Additionally, it has lots of innovative features, such as geotargeting (which allows advertisers to target their ads to a particular geographic location) which can help to take your digital ads to the next level.