Having too many outbound links

Too Many Outbound Links is important or not?: pacelab - seo agency london

Too Many Outbound Links is important or not?: pacelab – seo agency london

Any site that has too many outbound links may be considered spammy by the search engines. Also, adding too many outbound links will distract your readers and direct them far away from your website. Long-form content may naturally have more external (and internal) links.

Having too many outbound are links are too many-How many of them are just too much?

Typically, the articles are 500 words or more and have 3-5 outbound links, but in some cases, there are as many as 7 or 8 categories as having too many outbound links outbound links.

Avoid  Having Too Many Outbound Links-

To paraphrase Paracelsus, “everything is a poison; it just depends on the dose”. You’ll have an excessive amount of a decent thing.

If you overdo it together with your outbound links, you’ll find yourself distracting your reader and repeatedly pushing them far from your site and towards the sites of others.

If you spam links, you’ll also undo your outbound links SEO benefits.

Only include links that are relevant and helpful to your readers.

Keep them relatively sparse, and emphasize the content of the link within the sentence you’re linking from.

This way, people know what they’ll get if they click the link.

If you’re linking to support an assertion, often people will just assume you’ve done the research and not click it. If you’re saying “this will help you” they’re tons more likely to click.

While outbound links are definitely valuable, too many outbound links can annoy website visitors.

If you’re getting to include outbound links on your pages, you need to make sure that they’re helpful and relevant for your readers.

Including links in your copy basically says to readers, “Hey! Stop what you’re reading, and click on here!”

The negative impact of too many outbound links.

 Too many Outbound links don’t always have a positive effect on SEO.

They can, at times, be harmful if you’re linking to spammy, low-quality sites or clearly engaging in black-hat linking practices.

Negative too many outbound link practices include:

Linking to non-relevant, spammy websites

Whenever adding Too many outbound links to your content, make sure that you’re not linking to any spammy websites.

Linking to non-relevant websites will decrease your credibility.

Also, search engines check out the websites that you simply link to so as to know what industry you’re in. So, if you link to non-relevant sites or pages, then your page may be incorrectly categorized.

This, in turn, will decrease your search rankings for the relevant search queries that you just should have ranked for.

Using link farms (two-way backlinks)

A lot of individuals invite links in exchange for links.

And that they reach out to websites to create link farms. But, what they don’t realize is that search engines can recognize these patterns.

If two sites having too many outbound links and from their websites, then search engines will notice.

Google’s Panda algorithm update put an end to such mutual linking malpractices and penalized sites that had clearly constructed a nefarious link building relationship. Don’t invite links in exchange for links – over and over – because you’ll be penalized.

Long-form content may naturally have more external (and internal) links. But if you’re linking several times within paragraphs, then it becomes disruptive.

On certain devices, it’ll definitely ruin the user experience because too many hyperlinks can cause users to unintentionally click a link when they were simply trying to scroll further down the page.


Too many outbound links are definitely bad for your website. It’ll transfer the reputation of your website to others and also appear as if spam and Google can penalize it.

If your page has 40-50 outbound links then it’s ok

Outbound links can have both positive and negative effects on SEO. It all depends on what linking practices you’re using.

So, follow the most effective practices listed during this post and see the results for yourself.