How to use Twitter to drive more traffic to website

Twitter may be a fun and useful way to promote your blog and drive traffic  (Twitter to drive more traffic to website)thereto. While it might seem that micro-blogging through Twitter might just be a fun thing to try and do, you’ll actually use Twitter to grow your blog.


Twitter: It’s every marketer’s favourite tool. And yet, so few people make the most of it. With 320 million monthly active users, Twitter is a traffic goldmine if you’ve got the proper tools and methods.


Like LinkedIn, there are many interesting ways to drive traffic that you just might not think about directly.

You want more followers, more engagement and, of course, more traffic for your content. You see other bloggers killing it on Twitter, and you wish some of that success for yourself, but you don’t know where to start out.

The platform already seems super noisy and has experts on every topic known to man. So what can you do to face out?


Promote Yourself

You need to make sure that you just promote yourself and your blog on Twitter. If you’ll do that well, then you’ll be able to build a strong brand identity which will be beneficial within the end of the day.


One of the key parts of your Twitter profile is your bio.

Write a bio that clearly states what your blog is about and add a link to your site. These sounds very easy, but take a while to believe this.

You only have a limited amount of characters, so make them count. If after reading your bio, people don’t get what you care about, they won’t stick around.

The best way to promote your site is to tweet about it! Tweet about all of your new posts a couple of times each day and keep everyone up to date about everything that’s happening together with your site.

Surprisingly, a lot of individuals think that if they promote themselves on Twitter, then that makes them a spammer.


That’s just not true! It’s fine to promote yourself, as long as you are doing it the proper way. Tweeting every 5 minutes about your new post or an affiliate link would be classed as spam.

Mix it up a bit and you will be fine. Tweet about your new post, on the other hand tweet about other things that might be related.


Listen To Your Twitter Followers

One of the simplest things about Twitter is that you can get an almost instant reaction to your tweets from your followers.

It’s important that you simply hear your followers as they will tell you what’s working and what isn’t.


A particular post that you tweet could also be particularly popular, so you might want to try and do a follow-up post on an equivalent subject. Similarly, if you don’t get much reaction from one among your tweets, it’s going to be because there isn’t much interest in it.


Driving Traffic from Twitter to Your Blog

Let us get to the point! You would like to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog/website.

Twitter is one among the best social media tools for driving traffic to your blog.

I use it to update all of my followers about what’s new on my websites, it’s such a tremendous feeling when you tweet a couple of new post on your site and other people start to re-tweet it, spreading the word.


Twitter is totally worthwhile.

Here are my top tips for driving an excellent deal of free traffic with Twitter that I even have tried and tested over the last 4 years.


  1. Pin a tweet for constant attention

Pinning a tweet keeps it at the highest of your feed, meaning that anyone who views your profile will see this first. I can tell you from personal experience that pinned tweets definitely drive more traffic(Twitter to drive more traffic to website) than non-pinned tweets.


Pinned tweet allows you to attract a targeted audience who is curious about your content. Moreover, it enables you to entice users to your recent blog content or promotional material because it’ll become the primary content they see on your Twitter timeline .


It shows that when visitors reach your Twitter profile, the primary tweet they’re going to see is your pinned tweet. And since you chose and pinned it at the highest, many would want to see it out.


In comparison to other tweets on your timeline, your chosen pin gets more:

According to Buffer, a pinned tweet can increase conversions to over 10x quite a daily tweet.


There are two opportunities to incorporate URLs in your profile.

First, you’ll use the “Website” field to direct people to your homepage, a landing page or other high-priority URL.

  1. FIND the simplest TIMES TO SHARE

In a post I wrote for the Vero blog on time zone management, I compared the simplest times to tweet with the best times to email. Not surprisingly, the most effective time to email, tweet, post, etc. is roughly between 9 am and 5 pm, with a peak of around 1 pm.


So that’s easy enough, but your followers aren’t beat an equivalent zone,

 And maximizing the reach of your tweets is one among the simplest ways to drive more traffic to your site


Notice that I buy far more engagement within the afternoon and evening. This might mean that my followers are during a different timezone than me, or their engagement habits just differ from the typical.


Every audience is different, so it’s really important to know yours.

You’ll run more advanced reports with Tweriod’s free plan or get really in-depth data with a paid account.


4: Tweet Videos to Drive More Traffic(Twitter to drive more traffic to website)

According to Statista, watching videos content is one among the first reasons why people use Twitter and other social media sites.


Moreover, Twitter users watch quite 1.2 billion videos daily. And since 53% of buyers interact with businesses after viewing a social media video, using videos in your Twitter marketing strategy will surely maximize your ROIs.


So tweet video content regularly to extend your results. However, you’ve got to form your videos enticing to users before tweeting them on Twitter.

Make certain to incorporate irresistible captions to draw in viewers and subtitles for users preferring to observe videos without sound.


5: Use Twitter Quick Promote to Drive Traffic(Twitter to drive more traffic to website)

Quick Promoted is Twitter’s advertising option which will assist you spread your blog content to a broader target market.


It allows your tweets to indicate up in users’ timelines.

Since tweets can easily get lost in the noise, Quick Promote enables you to advertise your blog content to a broader audience who might not have seen it otherwise.

This Twitter marketing strategy is ideal for driving website traffic.

Furthermore, you have the choice to line up your Quick Promote to send your tweets to a specific:




Tweets with images get more clicks, retweets and likes.

While these click numbers might not overwhelm you, there’s a particular compounding effect to extend your engagement rates.


More clicks mean more people on your site, which results in more followers, which results in more clicks and more traffic(Twitter to drive more traffic to website). It’d seem like a large number, but 18% should convince you that including images is worth the extra few seconds when scheduling tweets.




It goes without saying that if you tweet more, you’ll get more traffic overall. But what we found once we scheduled tweets on Saturday and Sunday was that the average click per tweet grew substantially.

What that meant to us was that a story that was of great interest to readers on a Tuesday afternoon is probably going to be of interest to readers grazing Twitter on a Saturday night who didn’t see it the primary time around.



The only way to scale traffic from Twitter is to urge others to assist you. Sharing your own content on Twitter may be a great start, but let’s share the work.

There are three belongings you should be doing.


Seems obvious, except for some reason, not everyone does this. Make it as easy as possible for others to share your content by putting buttons right in front of them.

  1. Use hashtags Use a Social Wall to promote your hashtag and display all the Twitter posts using it. You can even go beyond Twitter and collect content from other social networks where people post using your hashtag.
  • Use share images Tweets with images received 89% more favorites
  • Tweets with images received 18% more clicks than those without
  • Tweets with images received 150% more retweets


An increase in engagement on Twitter is an awfully effective tactic to increase sales and traffic.


Tweet often

Posting frequency on Twitter and Facebook is typically treated by companies within the same way. It shouldn’t. Twitter will tolerate far more frequent posting than Facebook. In fact, some studies show that a tweet every 15 minutes receives higher engagement than every half-hour.


CONCLUSION- I am an enormous fan of Twitter marketing! It’s such an excellent tool that you simply can use to seek out targeted traffic for your website(Twitter to drive more traffic to website), whilst allowing you to network with people from everywhere the world.

Most people that use Twitter tend to tweet meaningless nonsense, like what they ate for lunch!


That’s great for people that use it purely for social reasons, however, if you are planning to use Twitter to assist you market your business, then you would like to be using it in a more productive way.


The best thing about Twitter is that the people using it are so diverse! It doesn’t matter what your business is about, you will be able to find people almost instantly who have an interest in your niche.

This enables you to quickly find people that are a part of your targeted audience( traffic to website).