URL Length for SEO are an importantthough often overlookedelement of optimization that can benefit your website’s rankings.

Browser’s URL length limits

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What Is URL Length?: Google Ranking Factor

The appropriate page of its URL length is 75 characters long. As for indexing documents with long URLs (over 75-120 characters), they’re generally indexed quite well, although there are also difficulties within the ranking.

What is the URL length?

A URL length or Uniform Resource Locator is a page address indicating its location on the web. The link to the page is found within the address bar of the browser.

The quality URL length structure contains:

  • Data transfer protocol, for instance, https://;
  • Domain name;
  • The path from the name to the page, which incorporates a series of directories and subdirectories;
  • May contain special parameters and anchors.

The domain name is an element of the URL length. Other components going after the location name may vary in length and have different contents. The top result depends on the names of the directories and also the name of the page to which it leads.

What is the URL length in SEO?

An SEO-friendly URL structure is the following things:

Easy to read:

Users and search engines should be ready to understand what the URL is on each page just by looking that.

Keyword-rich: Keywords still matter and your target queries should be within URLs

URL length is a big ranking factor.

More specifically:

How does the URL length affect?

The length of links is very important primarily for the common user. Long URL length, as a rule, go beyond the visible part of the address bar and have a complex structure.

When copying and placing such a link on a third-party resource or during a text document, its text may take several lines.

Short links that have 2-3 easy to grasp and catchy words look more attractive than long ones. Therefore, their clickability is also higher.

Just in case you would like to enter a long URL manually within the address bar, it’ll take you a lot of your time.

URL length and SEO

Since the user factor plays a major role in website ranking, the presence of clear and structured content on sites improves the behavioural factors of the whole resource and, therefore, the probabilities of being seen by a wider audience.

Working on the page URL to make it compact and informative is one among the tools to influence ranking in search results

Is long URL length bad for SEO?

URL structure plays a really important role within the overall layout, architecture and framing of the site.

It’s important that you just have a decent URL structure.

There are often various sorts of URLs – Long URLs, Short URLs, and Static URLs similarly as Dynamic URLs.

Long URLs V.s. Short URLs.

The longer the URL, the lesser is its importance from Google’s perspective. This is often so because the keyword must be nearer to the most domain.

 The closer the keyword is to the main domain, the more the chances of ranking higher for the most keyword.

This is so because, within the case of short URLs, more link juice flow is undertaken since the landing page is closer to the most site domain.

Coming to Dynamic Vs Static URLs. Dynamic URLs are less preferred as they’re not Google friendly.

They contain special characters like “?” et al. which negatively affect the rankings of the web site.

Conclusion on -URL LENGTH

  • Excessively long URLs may hurt a page’s search engine visibility. In fact, several industry studies have found that short URLs tend to possess a small edge up Google’s search results.
  • When engaged on website optimization, it’s better to provide preference to concise and informative links rather than long URLs with a complex structure.

The page address should be short, logical, and readable for the user and contain keywords.

Such links affect the attractiveness of the complete Internet resource.

Despite the actual fact that popular browsers can process links up to 2000 characters, their final length shouldn’t exceed 75 characters. This URL length will increase the possibilities of successful processing of pages by the search engine and positively affect the web site optimization.